•  PVP K - Polyvidone / Povidone (PVP K30) BP/UP
  •  PVP K - Polyvidone / Povidone (PVP K30) BP/UP

PVP K - Polyvidone / Povidone (PVP K30) BP/UP

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Product Description

Product Description

PVP K --Polyvidone; Povidone., -Cosmetic grade can be used as filming agent, viscosity enhancement agent, lubricator and adhesive. It is the key component of hair sprays, mousse, gels and lotions, hair-drying reagent and shampoo in hair-care products and the key component of lip-stick, sunscreen and lotions in skin-care products, eye makeup, deodorant, and dentifrice, xxxxx

PVP K30(pharm grade) is a new and excellent pharmaceutical excipient, used in more than 100 drugs.

Povidone Iodine (PVP-I) is a excellent disinfector used in medical treatment.

We supply PVP-I USP grade on stable basis. Packing: 25kg/drum.


Appearance: Yellowish brown to reddish-brown

Amorphous powder

Identification: Meets monograph A and B(USP26)

Loss on drying. 0%

Residue on ignition: . 1%

Heavy metals 20ppm Nitrogen 9.5~11.5%

Arseni(ug/g) 1.5

Available Iodine 9.0~12.0%

Iodine Ion 6.6%

Mesh Size 100-150

Polyvidone; Povidone.

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