• 2-pyrrolidone(2-P)
  • 2-pyrrolidone(2-P)


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Properties:2-pyrrolidone which is also called 2-pyrrolidone, is written “2-P” for short. The molecular formula is C4H7NO.2-P is a colorless liquid. Its solidifying poine25.6℃, flash point 129.4℃, boiling point 245℃, which is solubilize with water, low chain alcohol, low chain ether, chloroform and benzene.

Usage:2-pyrrolidone is a colorless high boiling point polar solvent and is also an organic synthetic intermediate product. As to this kind of solvents we can use it to produce synthetic resin, pesticide, polyvalent alcohol, printing inks and iodine, and as the raw materials of production of polyvinyl pyrrolidone, poiyamide-4 fiber and piracetam, etc.

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